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When The Humans Are Away, The Animals Will Play!

When The Humans Are Away, The Animals Will Play!


Original work of EcoArt created with 100% post-consumer recycled materials. This piece is part of a series called Creative Quarantine Collage, which uses images from vintage art journals, remainder paints and metallic powders, as well as recycled canvas and plastic packaging.  It was inspired by the years of pandemic isolation, an artistic ethic of creating from any and all materials on hand, and perceptions of the ways our society and culture was dealing with unprecedented contemporary public health, social justice, and political crises.

Size 5" h x 6 1/2"w 

100%  Post-Consumer Recycled Materials with water-resistant sealant finish. Framed in lightly stained wood frame, and ready to hang with wire and hardware installed on back. Easy to care for with regular dusting and light wiping with a slightly damp cloth.

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